Ways Planes Have Changed Over the Years

Planes from different airlines standing in a row at an airport

In the United States and many other developed countries, traveling by plane is not a big deal to most people. In fact, some may find themselves traveling weekly or every other day for work purposes. Those who have been traveling by plane for some time may also have noticed some changes in … Read more

Largest Model Airplanes

Model plane building is a popular hobby in many parts of the world. The kits available in the market and online come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, with some even giving the hobbyist a chance to customize their creations.  There are also some model plane enthusiasts that take their hobby to … Read more

Resemblance Between Birds and Airplanes’ Aerodynamics

Resemblance Between Birds and Airplanes’ Aerodynamics

Many of the things humans invented mimicked living things. From computers performing certain lower functions of the brain, robotic arms devised by studying the elephant’s trunks to the bullet trains adopting the beak of the kingfisher’s beak for speed and efficiency, we have used animals as inspiration to create solutions to many … Read more