The History of Trains

Old steam locomotive. Old vintage steam-powered train rides on rails.

Train travel is a popular choice to get around the world and has been for centuries. Trains were first used as a way to move troops and cargo but soon became a popular way to travel for civilians as well. Over the years, the wonderful world of trains has evolved into a … Read more

Creating Landscapes for Model Trains

model railway shunting yard set on a desert landscape

Creating landscapes for model trains can be a fun and rewarding hobby. There are many different ways to approach this task, and the possibilities are endless. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the basics of creating landscapes for model trains. We’ll also provide some useful tips and advice on how … Read more

Finding a Place to Set Up a Model Train Permanently

Great model railway system with locomotives and trains and houses

When most people think about model trains, they imagine a child’s toy. However, for some people, model trains are a serious hobby. Model trains are among the best hobbies to relieve stress; that’s why a lot of people, mostly adults, still like building model trains. These enthusiasts often spend hours building and … Read more

Who was Robert Fulton?

Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton is an American artist, engineer, and inventor who transformed the transportation and travel industries and thereby speed up the Industrial Revolution.  Fulton was born on a small farm in Pennsylvania on November 14, 1765, to an Irish immigrant who was also named Robert and his wife Mary Smith of Oxford … Read more

How Big is the Hobby Industry?

the Hobby Industry

Whether it’s building train and plane models, taking outdoors adventures, learning a new skill, expanding your knowledge, doing something artistic or musical, or engaging in sports, having a hobby serves as an excellent way to maximize your spare time and break away from your daily routine, Not to mention the amazing benefits … Read more

Learn about the Fascinating History of Stevens Model Dockyard

Stevens Model Dockyard steam engine

The Stevens Model Dockyard was a company that produced mechanical and scientific novelties, founded by William Stevens located in Aldgate, London in 1843. The company issued its final catalog in 1927/28 and the business closed after more than 80 years in production. Although the Stevens Model Dockyard is probably best known for … Read more