Learn About the Hogwarts Express Train of Harry Potter

Hogwarts Express

Children at Hogwarts are accustomed to coming to school in several methods. Many flew on broomsticks, while some traveled in charmed buggies and, eventually, horses. The Ministry of Magic recommended utilizing a Muggle steam model train as a safe substitute to Portkeys or uncontrolled modes of transportation in 1827. Around 1830, the … Read more

Most Fun Heritage Railways in America

Cass Shay #2 at Cass Station

Heritage railways in the U.S. are not just means of transportation – they are a reminder of what the industrial revolution has given the nation and how Americans emerged through the era, exploiting the technology and bend it to serve the populace. In the modern era, most of them become tourist destinations … Read more

Why Should We Teach Kids About Trains?


Did you know that when your child plays around trains it goes beyond having fun? We all know that children love to play with toys, and trains are no exception. Toy trains have been enjoyed by all generations. And of course, we know that playing with toys provides a great opportunity for … Read more

Why Do Adults Still Like Model Trains?

A model train

Who wouldn’t love model trains? While for some people, model trains are already an old-fashioned hobby, for others, it is still a significant activity that is sure to bring satisfaction and excitement. For many years, adults are known to be enthusiasts of model kits. However, as technology continued to advance, it is … Read more

Benefits of a Wooden Model Train

Benefits of a Wooden Model Train

Wood is both a common and historical building material, even in model trains. Through the use of wooden parts, from the base to even the smallest details, hobbyists create stunning imitations of trains. No surprise, as wood bestows a lot of unique advantages to modelers over the many decades that it has … Read more

How Can Model Trains Be Useful For Education?

a miniature model train

Are you a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) teacher looking for a new way to develop your students’ interest in these subjects? Model railroading is what you need. It is not a new hobby, and the STEAM teachers can achieve their learning goals by introducing it to the new generation … Read more