How Big is the Hobby Industry?

the Hobby Industry

Whether it’s building train and plane models, taking outdoors adventures, learning a new skill, expanding your knowledge, doing something artistic or musical, or engaging in sports, having a hobby serves as an excellent way to maximize your spare time and break away from your daily routine, Not to mention the amazing benefits … Read more

Fun Machine Learning Projects for Tech Hobby Enthusiasts

A woman working on the computer

If you’re a lot of people, then you love learning about new technologies and playing around with them to see what they can do. If you’re also interested in machine learning, there are a lot of fun machine learning projects that you can try on your own! In this blog post, we’ll … Read more

Tips For Getting Started With Thomas The Tank Engine Toys

Choo–oo-oo!! Welcome aboard! Thomas the Tank Engine is coming! Thomas the Tank Engine is an anthropomorphic locomotive that travels the rails of Sodor, a fictional island. The long-running television series Thomas & Friends starring Thomas the Tank Engine. A children’s train set, such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Ivor the Engine from … Read more

Tips for Turning My Garage into a Hobby Space

Man going through papers in the reading room

If you have been using the garage as a storeroom instead of parking your car, then it can be utilized for numerous reasons. You can convert your garage into a living room, guest room, gym room, track room, hobby room, etc. Most people use a garage as a house belonging to the … Read more

Relaxing Hobbies to Relieve Your Stress

Close-up photo of knitting

Spending your day at work could leave you exhausted. Especially if you are a workaholic, a tough day at work would make you vulnerable to stress, which is bad for our physical, mental, and emotional health if not handled properly. There are various practices that are good for managing, or better yet, … Read more

Main Benefits and Differences of Electric and Nitro RC Cars

radio control car on grass

Radio control cars or RC cars have been around for several years, and it still remained to be a popular hobby for adults and children alike. However, there are several reasons for this; probably one of the major things about this is that one can customize and make any changes. This means … Read more

How Can Model Trains Be Useful For Education?

a miniature model train

Are you a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) teacher looking for a new way to develop your students’ interest in these subjects? Model railroading is what you need. It is not a new hobby, and the STEAM teachers can achieve their learning goals by introducing it to the new generation … Read more

How Can Paper Airplanes Be a Useful Teaching Tool?

a woman flying a paper airplane

The basic learning of life starts at school. These early ten years of our lives are so important that whatever we learn at this time remains with us throughout our whole lives. We live and grow with those learnings and lessons.  But at that time, when we were in school and learning … Read more

How Can Drones Be Useful in Education?

Drones for Education

Technology has always played the most significant role in the development of awareness of education among students. Everyday new technologies bring out the curiousness among the education sector to explore more and more. Many inventions have now been introduced, which have made it easy for the teachers and students to enhance the … Read more