About Us

We’re a bunch of like-minded modelling enthusiasts who’ve put our collective skills and passions together to bring you a Wonderful World of Planes and Trains.

Three main partners shaped the vision of Wonderful World of Trains & Planes – Peter Smith, Jane and Steve Jordan. After several years of planning and searching for the right venue, they were joined by a couple of wonderful investors and eventually the right building was found.

After years of planning, venue sourcing, model designing and production, we are now pleased to open our doors and welcome fellow modellers, families, tourists and even local businesses to marvel in our Wonderful World of Trains & Planes.


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Model Shop

The model shop has something for everyone, whether you’re starting out or an experienced modeller.

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Coffee Shop

After a fun-filled visit, there’s only one place left to visit and that’s our comfortable coffee shop.

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How to get there

How to get to Wonderful World of Trains & Planes by train, tram or car. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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